Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Well as most of you know I am a volleyball mom.  I have stayed busy during the summer being a volleyball booster mom along with everything else I try to do.  Sometimes I think I work harder as a booster mom then I do at my normal job!
Well the girls have started their season with a bang!   They have worked hard all summer with conditioning and camps and it has already payed off.  Their first game against Temple they WON!

Here is Hayley and Chayene goofing off after their win!  They get so silly and goofy after their games.  It is fun to watch them clown around together.   They work hard and play hard!!!

This passed weekend the girls played in their first 2 day tournament with great sucess.   The last couple of games were nail biters, but they pulled through and beat Lago Vista.  They won the KISD JV Championship!  I was really impressed with how well the girls played, communicated on the court and didn't give up on themselves.  Huge improvement from last year.  Great job ladies.
All of this volleyball has cut into my crafting time, but I always find time to get some crafting in.  This Wednesday is the BIG locker room reveal.  I can't wait for the JV & Varsity girls to see all of the hard work Chris (booster mom) and I have done in the locker room for them.  I have of course added craftiness by making a cool window insert for their door and cute picture frames for their lockers.  I will share pictures after the reveal.
Till next time crafters!